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Manifest Love Church Ministries

Kampala, Uganda is a very special mission field where we partner with Pastor Stephen in feeding and disciplining multitudes for the work of the gospel.

Stephen preaches the gospel all over Uganda and coordinates encouraging hundreds of pastors struggling in poverty to manage to feed their families, educate their children and provide the needs for the masses who are on the poverty line. There are a multitudes of abused, raped, starving children and families and Stephen along with his church, and along with the "LOVE, PEACE AND UNITY MOVEMENT" which has brought thousands of pastors together in a united bid to see God's mighty hand over turn the oppression and poverty of the nation.

The passion of these pastors for the gospel is only limited by the lack of resources and any financial support towards facilitating the gospel, feeding the poor, planting churches and putting children through school would make such an amazing difference. ​

We also work with Pastor Olupot Francis who looks after 180 young children and orphans, bringing them into the knowledge of God's love and power. The Muslim influence is being strongly enforced and significant investment is coming from the Muslim community to the shame of the Christians.

Our hope is that we can become a force to be reckoned with in championing the cause of Christ in this nation, and particularly in raising up a generation of children that will know their God and do exploits. Daniel 11:35b.




We began working with Pastor Opingo in Kisii in 2017 and have established a church under our name; Manifest Love Church Kenya. We have helped them with a building building project for an orphanage, we sent funds to build a kitchen/dining room, to concrete their land so it doesn't get so muddy in the wet season, and enabled them with school fees, clothes, shoes, and bunks beds to support up to 30 orphans.

If you'd like to give towards any of the orphans or overseas projects we support, please donate to Manifest Love Church:




In a culture that can be violently opposed to the message of the Gospel, Pastor Geoff has partnered with a team to bring "HEALING CRUSADES" each week via Messenger and a video link to 1000's of poor,sick, diseased and under privileged members of the Pakistani communities who have no way to receive medical help.

Between 4500 and 5500 regularly gather each week to hear the life changing message of the Gospel and Jesus's love and power to forgive their sins, deliver them from demonic oppression and to be healed and set free from demonic torment and pain.

Jesus Christ is truly the "Doctor above all doctors." He is the Father to the Fatherless and his Kingdom is not just in words but with power.
While men and women all over the world can argue and even kill to defend their religious views, the love of Jesus Christ reaches past even the hardest hearts and brings healing to the masses.

The testimonies of the incredible power of the Holy Spirit reaching out and delivering the demon possessed, the crippled, lame, diabetics and cancers are too many to list. Little mute children begin to speak, paralyzed bodies begin to move, pains go, migraines go, back conditions are healed, kidney conditions are healed, barren wombs are opened and all through the power of the Name of Jesus. No man can take any glory as this is truly supernatural that this can all happen 13,500 km away over the phone as Pastor Geoff prays.

There have been multitudes of 1000's who have come to know Jesus as Healer and Lord and there is such a need for financial assistance to be able to provide them with Bibles and discipleship. It costs NZ$5 for a full bible in Urdu and NZ 80c to supply new testaments in the Urdu language. we are looking for partners to sow weekly contributions to see this ministry going to the next level.

Each week the team would go into new villages and set up gear for Pastor Geoff to preach and pray and Jesus would back up His Word with His power but this costs $200/week for car hire and resources to facilitate the village meetings each week.