Our Ministries

Spreading the love and message of Christ near and far!


Bringing Hamilton city to Christ with children and youth programs, women and men ministries, connect groups, our worship team and more.


Preaching the gospel and shaping the nation as an extension of Pastor Geoff's ministry. Changing lives through the light of God's word in New Zealand prisons.


God's love reaching beyond our boarders and moving throughout the world.



We run a children's ministry during our services in two sections; primary school kids are part of our 'Kool Kingdom Kids' program and our 2-4years olds are in our 'Little Fishes Creche'. We teach Love and Patience as Christ loves and is patient with us. We want our kids to be ambassadors for the Kingdom, to know the importance of prayer, and to know the unconditional faith and love in God. We aim for our kids to know their identity in Christ and to live the fruits of the spirit. We have many activities with our teaching to suit all ages and personalities including stories, drawing, creating, visual displays, activities and games.


Our youth ministry is for intermediate and high school age youth during school terms on Friday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

WC² = Warriors of Change are Warriors for Christ

  • Equipping our youth to change the way the world sees God!


  1. That in the storm of the world, God is their still quiet place of strength and comfort, and this group is one of those shelters.
  2. That they will have strong warrior hearts, with their minds fixed firmly on God so they are unswayable and unstoppable.
  3. That they know that kindness, compassion, and encouragement, a few of Jesus greatest qualities, are a mighty strength not a weakness.
  4. They know that standing on the truth of God's word and doing the right thing makes them courageous in the face of a crumbling world.
  5. Having a spirit full of happiness and God's love, combined with a servant's heart makes them undefeatable!


Praise and worship are a cornerstone of MLC. Worship opens up the heavens, and as a Church we are passionate about seeking His presence and setting people free to express their love for God with exuberant praise, prayer and declaration! Worship is a place where many of us most easily connect with our heavenly father and we want to strip away all restrictions and barriers for our people to stand before God, open and pure of heart. We strive for the type of worship that tears down walls, heals lives, and brings breakthrough power. We ask not just our team but our community to come ready to press into that place that restores our souls and where new life comes forth.


Based on the philosophy of setting the captives free, we work alongside our men to tear down all facets in their lives restricting them from being who they are destined to be in God. Offering both a challenge and support, men's events are a place we can walk together to work through the issues in our lives and press in to continually draw closer to God. We have monthly men's breakfasts, speakers, conferences, workshops and other activities.


These events are a time for the ladies to share together, get to know each other and support each other with their journeys of faith. We aim to create times for our ladies to socialise, create, express and care. We have a monthly lunch craft group, as well as a monthly evening events in a range of activity types. We want our woman, mums, aunties, wives, grandmas etc to have a place to refresh and rejuvenate from busy lives often spent caring for others.


As with most cultures, sharing a meal is a common and well known way to gather people together. The lunches, dinners, suppers and more produced from the heart of the MLC kitchen are an act of love to create an environment of sharing, caring and just spending time together.


Our core group of prayer intercessors are a cornerstone of our community. These powerful prayer warriors take the communities needs to the heavens and draw back the resources we need to do the work God has given us.


Our evangelist team go out into the community sharing the truth and love of God. They do street ministry, letterbox drops, share their testimonies and much more.


Connect groups are a time for a smaller groups of church community members to get together for a time of relationship building, sharing, and learning the word of God. Please contact us to discover which group will suit you best.



Our prison outreach team aim to help prisoners face their fears and have the courage to change their lives. Our programs are designed to equip prisoners with a new mindset enabling them to walk away from their past behaviours and addictions and into a new future filled with hope.


Pastor Geoff is the president of the Full Gospel businessmen's fellowship in Hamilton. This is an international organisation with chapters throughout New Zealand. Full Gospel Hamilton host a $20 dinner meeting on the third Tuesday night of every month. While this is predominantly a men's ministry, the dinner meetings are mixed meeting where men and women are welcome. Each month there are different people giving testimonies to the power of God changing their lives and encouraging people to be filled with the holy spirit and to operate in the gifts of the spirit. Many people's religious experiences have only been to go to church, but the Bible tells us that Jesus came to give us abundant life and that through being born again by the holy spirit we then have access to God's power to heal the sick, to set the captives free, to prosper and to be made whole. These are exciting Meetings and great times of building relationships over a good meal and to hear powerful like changing stories. There is a great emphasis on praying for people at the end of the ministry, so we encourage people to bring people with needs and that have never heard of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives.


We are in the process of developing a Community Care Centre to act as a centre point of meeting the needs of our people.

Care Callers - people who have a 6 to 8 families within the church that they call at least monthly to see how they are

Community Needs Intercessors - powerful prayer warriors who take our communities needs to the heavens and pull down the resources we require

Connect Group - we need people to host these for New Believers and Young Adults to start, general groups, & more

Community Pantry - meals and care packages for those who are struggling, sick or injured

Marriage Courses - we need strong marriages in the church and the time to make your marriage weatherproof is when things are good not after a storm arrives

Parenting Training - we live in anti-Christian world and we want to provide resources for parents to shape their children to walk through the world and not let it rub off on them

Elderly Assistance - we need a team willing to help our senior members whether it is with housework, meals, shopping, a ride to church, lawns, or just some company

Budgeting - we want a few of our money-savvy members who can get alongside people struggling financially to help them set budgets and wisely manage their money

Kid Connect - we want to connect families with similar age kids to support each other with babysitting and other needs.


We meet from 8.30 am for around an hour each weekday for a time of prayer and worship for our community, our city and our nation. We also pray into the needs of our overseas outreaches of churches Pastor Geoff has helped plant and the orphanages we support.


Our ministry of sharing food and aroha for God is a ministry of collecting food donations and the unsold items from various bakeries at the end of their day to give out to families in need and the homeless on the streets of Hamilton. We aim to share God's love with these people as we also share food with them.


We partner with both the SOZO ministry and The Healing Rooms to offer deep ministry for healing and restoration on peoples lives. These meetings bring a deep release for those who are burdened by past trauma and experiences. Please contact us for more information.




Manifest Love Church

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